Who says Christmas can’t be deliciously enjoyable for people living with diabetes and their families?

If you’ve been successfully managing the condition for the past eleven months, there’s absolutely no reason to throw it all away for the sake of festivities and there’s definitely no reason why you can’t enjoy the season just as much as everyone else!

We all know Christmas in Trinidad is about food and family, so let’s find fun, festive ways to take advantage of the season instead of looking at it like an insurmountable challenge.

More time with family means more time to get active and stay active. Covid-19 presents the perfect opportunity to create new traditions – including culinary ones – to make the season enjoyable for all.

Sweet Tips for the Season…

  • Take a hike! Not literally, but around the corner, down the street, even around the living room and get those extra steps in. Try walking to the grocery or shopping mall when you’re running Christmas errands so you make the most of your time outside.
  • Feeling to dance? Whether it’s a socially distanced family gathering or a very merry virtual lime, don’t be afraid to get up and dance! Involve everyone of all ages and embrace the awesome parang rhythms that make our celebrations unique.
  • ‘Tis the season to surf… Online! Chefs are always sharing new Christmas creations, often with healthier ingredients, so take advantage of all the web and stir up something creative.
  • Naughty or nice 🙂 Make a list to ensure you don’t cheat or over eat and stick to it. Remember to 
drink more water, eat gradually – use a fork and knife, if that helps – and keep the snacks out of sight.
  • Do all of the above with a very merry mindset!

It’s the sweetest time of year… Don’t be afraid to enjoy it responsibly!

To learn more, visit worlddiabetesday.org or the Diabetes Association of Trinidad & Tobago (DATT).