Get moving! Eat healthy! That’s how you help prevent the onset of Diabetes.
And when you make healthy meals and exercise part an integral part of family life it gets so much easier to do!

Exercise Suggestions

Less time sitting and more time moving is key to preventing Type 2 Diabetes. Sport, Active hobby. An exercise class, a sport, or it could be getting up from even doing more around the house. Moving a little can makes a big positive difference.
Moving more each day will help you lose weight and help to maintain a healthy weight. This is so important as being overweight is a key risk factor for Type 2 diabetes.

Moving more will also help you to:

  • reduce your waist size
  • reduce blood pressure
  • manage stress and help you sleep.

How much activity?

30 minutes of moderate activity – five days a week.
• walking quickly
• flat road cycling
• relaxed swim.

Or 15 minutes of vigorous activity five days a week.
• running
• trails or hill cycling
• active sport like football

Too tough to do? Start small and build up to this amount. Walking is a great start and it’s something you and the family can do and make a regular routine!

Also think about taking the stairs instead of the elevator, come off the maxi a bit earlier to walk more, or join an exercise group – hiking, football

Diet Suggestions:

Eat better for a better life! It’s a simple but true fact that a healthy balanced diet can help reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes. Food choices can make a big difference.

Here’s a few tips to put on your mental menu to help:

  • Choose water, coffee or tea instead of fruit juice, soda, or other sugar sweetened beverages.
  • Eat at least three servings of vegetable every day, including green leafy vegetables.
  • Eat fresh fruit every day.
  • Snacking? Choose nuts, a piece of fresh fruit, or unsweetened yoghurt
  • Limit alcohol use to a maximum of two standard drinks per day.
  • Choose lean cuts of white meat, poultry or seafood instead of red or processed meat.
  • Choose peanut butter instead of chocolate spread or jam.
  • Eat whole-grain bread, rice, or pasta instead of white bread, rice, or pasta.
  • Cook with unsaturated fats (olive oil, canola oil, corn oil, or sunflower oil) instead of saturated fats (butter, ghee, animal fat, coconut oil or palm oil.