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The new school term is right around the corner. This time the classroom is in your living room and when it’s break time and lunch time your kitchen becomes their cafeteria. Here are some helpful diabetic focused nutrition tips to keep your little genius healthy and bright. MEALS Ensure there’s a balance of low-GI* carbs,..

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Diabetes in Control – ‘Exercise’

MOVE YOUR BODY…  Actively taking control of your Diabetes through exercise. You’ve heard it time and time again that regular physical activity has countless benefits for health and wellbeing. Even more so for people living with diabetes.    Here’s how… Helps the body use insulin better and keep blood glucose at recommended levels Assists you..

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Easy Shaked and Baked Chicken Tenders

Kids always love chicken tenders, and this is a cheap, healthy and delicious option. You can use boneless thighs or breast, or simply use the coating for a baked chicken meal pleaser. Ingredients 1 pound chicken thighs or breast, boneless, skinless. If using bone-in chicken, use 2 lbs chicken and double the spices. 1 cup..

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